Team Members: Corine Britto, Sujan Das Shrestha, Helen Hu, Anukriti Kedia, Eugenia Perez Matheus & Shariwa Sharada

The Spatio-Temporal Matrix

summarising the MLP within this socio-temporal matrix

For assignment 4 we were tasked with filling the spatio-temporal matrix with different horizons of time to consider. Similarly to the MLP this included the consideration of large historical events, trends or problems that contributed to problems. We were also encouraged to understand the root causes of the problem, how it began and understanding the effects of everyday life that may have also contributed to the problem. …

Team Members: Corine Britto, Sujan Das Shrestha, Helen Hu, Anukriti Kedia, Eugenia Perez Matheus & Shariwa Sharada

Project Brief

For this project our team had to develop a lifestyle based vision that encapsulated the day-in-the-life narrative template in which the wicked problem had already been resolved. Making it place-based to Pittsburgh was also central in our idea. It is a storytelling exercise in which the wicked problem does not exist anymore and captures the new beliefs and paradigms that led to it. By approaching problems via an everyday life lens we are directly opposing fragmented solutions that are categorized by specific areas…

Lawrenceville — History, gentrification, Demographics

This weeks assignment was to visit a new neighborhood in Pittsburgh. We were asked to observe the architecture, services, demographics and other noteworthy sightings. We chose the neighborhood of Lawrenceville because of its vibrant art scene, rich history and variety of dining options. Our visit deepened our knowledge of this neighborhoods history and culture. Below are our observations.

The client’s check in is a critical to the transition the client from the AI counselor to an in person counselor. We wanted to make that transition as seamless as possible while respecting the client’s privacy and agency. In our initial discussions we preferred the idea of allowing the client to check in through the app. We decided against it was not the most inclusive or private option. Checking in through a cloud system was not secure. Also, since many of the therapist’s clients might not have the Aaina app, it seemed they would prefer an in office kiosk.

mapping the check-in process within the Aaina system

How Right Wing Media Maintains Bias

Over the past few days I have been observing the Fox news website. Unfortunately, since I have a conservative parent, I am far too familiar with new source. I have been fascinated with our increasingly polarized political climate. We have more information at our fingertips than ever. Yet more people tend towards extreme new sources causing them to dig deeper into their biases.

Through observing the visual language of the website has helped me to learn how they are connecting with their audience. It is helpful to first understand the values liberal and conservatives.

In our first Communication design studio class, Stacie asked us to gather around some antique toys which were arranged in a circle. We looked at toys and discussed theories about their origin and function. We guessed which toys were fast or slow based on their appearance. We guessed how much the toys cost. We also discussed the origin of each toy — where it was made and were it was bought. Some items were make to look like they were from a different time period or region. The goal of the exercise was to examine our assumptions about the appearance of each toy. We all draw assumptions from the physical appearance of things. We are constantly engaged in visual communication.

After obtaining an undergraduate degree in Textile Design. I worked as a textile designer for home furnishings and as a graphic designer for gift ware. I became interested in interaction design while working as a UI designer for an app for blind transit users. In my spare time, I enjoy experimenting with laser cut textiles like in the photo shown below.

Corine Britto

UX Designer and Researcher

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